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Aircraft Scheduling Software Features

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Connecting Flight Departments with FBOs

Preferred FBO Network

{{ preferredFBOs }} FBOs offer exclusive fuel discounts to AM members.
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Contract Fuel

Upload your special pricing from all major vendors

Direct Messaging

Contact the FBO directly from within the system

Fuel Matrix

See which fuel option is best at a glance

Fuel Expense Tracking

We alert you when the fuel price you paid is higher than what you selected

Fuel Reports

Get an overview of all your fuel expenditures

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0 - 1 Aircraft
$50 / month
$100 / month
2 Aircraft
$100 / month
$150 / month
3 Aircraft
$150 / month
$225 / month
4 Aircraft
$200 / month
$300 / month
5+ Aircraft
$250 / month
$375 / month

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