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Elliott Aviation, Inc.

"Thanks for the hard work that you and your company does. I only use your software on occasions but it is a handy program to have and you folks are constantly making changes to your program to help the end user. Thanks."

Jeff Barton
FBO Services Manager

Priority Jet

"We started researching Airplane Manager in April of 2009 following the progress and system updates until we purchased the trial month in December 2009. We were using another system that made flight coordination among various departments within our company a nightmarish headache. In January 2010 we implemented the change to Airplane Manager slowly transitioning all of our quoting, flight/crew scheduling, and flight document management from the old system over the preceding few months. Airplane Manager was a great system; however, as with any flight department, a slow change was easier to implement with our staff to ensure a smooth transition. Now, Priority Jet is a fully functional and productive company thanks to Airplane Manager and the ongoing improvements they make to the system. I was spending hours a day troubleshooting our old system. When calling a company for technical services, you need answers and need them within a reasonable time. With Airplane Manager, I get that service instead of the hands-in- the-air “I don’t know” we were getting with our previous provider. With Airplane Manager, customer service is amazing and we get accomplishment with any question. Before, only one person could log into the old quoting system if installed on a server and the system was slow to the point that it was unproductive and aggravating. We can monitor monthly activity and status reports from operations, pilot status, airplane status, quote versus booking ratios, maintenance tracking, pilot training status/due dates, and much more. Every member of my staff can access the Airplane Manager system regardless of where in the world they are. I can complete a quick quote from my cell phone while away from the computer. We can monitor monthly activity and status reports from operations, pilot status, airplane status, quote versus booking ratios, and much more. We can quote and book trips quickly while looking at uploaded fuel prices for fuel/tech stop purposes using the map overlay feature keeping our quotes competitive while saving money for the company. As an administrator, I can monitor quotes and ensure integrity and accuracy. No more individual computers or laptops with proprietary company information that can be lost or misplaced. This is paramount when a company has hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue changing hands on a monthly basis. We have been presented with great offers to swap our system to other providers. I simply shake my head at the fact they all have a long way to go to catch up with the technology and added productivity Airplane Manager has given Priority Jet. Thank you for helping make Priority Jet a growing success by providing us a state-of-the-art system that is easy to use, cost effective, and the best I’ve seen. Thanks"

Steven Dunn
Director of Sales & Marketing

533MA, LLC

"Just giving you some feedback... The new format implemented for trip creation is awesome! I like it very much and the improvements you're making to the system are excellent and appreciated! Well Done!"

Gareth Williams
Chief Pilot

Fly World Link

"AirplaneManager.com is a magnum leap in modern scheduling software and handles all our tasks with ease. Combining a new level of user-friendliness, rapid customer tech support, remote access for staff, and a price that cannot be beat, makes AirplaneManager.com a smart business decision. We could not be happier with the results."

J.C. Sherman
P- 866.594.8877
F- 484.544.8835

Blue Bell Air, LLC

"Dear Terry & Associates,
Since August, 2008 we have been a customer of your on-line "Airplane Manager" program. Initially the program was limited and somewhat restrictive for the multi-level requirements of our business. Under other circumstances we would have discontinued using your service if it was not for the willingness of your staff to continually strive to improve the program, the convenience of global on-line access and moderate cost.

In business, it is a rarity for vendors to encourage their customers to contact them directly with suggestions. When this does occur the gesture is acknowledged and appreciated. But words cannot convey how gratifying it is to the customer when they see their suggestions actively instituted. The commitment to "listen" and improve the "user friendly" program are the attributes that distinguish Charter Matrix from all the competition.

Thanks again for your assistance in helping our business operate efficiently and smoothly."

Flying your skies,
Bill Hagan, Director of Operations
Renee Santore, Office Manager
Blue Bell Air, LLC

Metropolitan Aviation

"Bravo. The new quoting software works amazing far more accurate than we could have ever imagined."

Chris Baillargeon
Metropolitan Aviation

Teradata Corporation

"I would just like to commend the folks working at Charter Matrix for making such a great product. As a flight department we have been with Charter Matrix for over two years and the constant improvements and additions to the software have been quite amazing. We only use a small portion of what’s available to us and I’m sure larger operations than our one aircraft department would benefit from what Charter Matrix has to offer. All this and a price that is unbeatable!
Thanks for everything!"

Darryl Thomas
Teradata Corporation
Dayton, Ohio

Airstar Charter

"I have been with Charter Matrix going on two years. When we started with this company we were looking for a simple but thorough quoting program as well as a company to revise our website. We also wanted to make sure all pilots and personnel within our company could have access and know what was going on with each flight. Charter Matrix was able to build our quoting program to fit our company. So it became our own unique program. Training was very thorough and updates were very informative. If we had a question, needed additions to our quoting program, etc... someone was always available to help. All my outside webpages that are needed such as Flightaware, Airnav, Flight planning etc.., are accessible through a click of the button on my quoting program. Our Website looks great our Quoting program is AWESOME! I appreciate all that Terry and his staff do to keep us updated with the many changes that take place within the Aviation World!"

Cherry Whatley
Georgia Flight of DE, Inc.
d/b/a Airstar

Millbrook Aviation

"Charter matrix group is a creative company working hard to bring to market the very best in web based aircraft scheduling, charter quoting systems and website design. They promised the world and provided the universe.

We begin working with the group about a year ago during our startup as a charter and management company using their online quoting system. I went a step further challenging them to design a website targeting our King Air only management and charter service with a professional look and a country feel.

In spite of a weakening economy the newly designed website combined with our quick response to charter requests using their systems, kick started our business and we’ve yet to look back. Clients rave about our ability to provide information at moment’s notice.

These folks do it all better and more cost effective than anyone else. Our business has surpassed our competition and we’re hitting goals seldom seen in great economic times.

I give these guys an A+ on creativity, A+ on support, and an A+ on exceeding the needs of the small operators."

Douglas C. Wattoff
President & CEO

AirOptions Aviation

" Your system, airplanemanager.com, has been an invaluable asset to my company, AirOptions Aviation. Your teams work ethic has time and time again proven to be of the highest standard, constantly creating better options and listening to the advice of your customers. I hope that the folks I have recommended AirplaneManager.com have also found it to be as useful and Affordable as AirOptions has. Looking to the future as we expand, I hope to fully integrate Airplanemanager.com with our accounting system, or better yet, work with the CharterMatrix folks to create one that would work for us. Keep up the Great additions! Thanks for all the hard work!!!"

Josh Armbruster

Aircraft Management Group, Inc.

"As a Part 135 operator, Airplanemanager.com is an essential tool for our private jet and aircraft charter business. The software is easy to learn and use, as well as competitively priced - perfect for our three aircraft operation. Thanks to Charter Matrix, we can provide our first class service, worldwide."

Kristina Kushmerek

JetHub LLC

"We have used AirplaneManager since June 2008, and as a broker the system has helped us grow our business. Our requirements were to use a quoting system that would keep track of the clients quote through the whole life cycle, the system had to be web based and be cost effective. We found this with AirplaneManager, I am amazed at the capabilities. Terry and his team have really created a great product and we are seeing continuous upgrades.

Great Product!"

Kevin Lippert


" We transitioned from a "managed" aircraft to a "stand alone" flight department. Airplanemanager.com enabled us to proceed quickly in scheduling our aircraft for future flights, assisted in the tracking of pilot and aircraft data and basically allowed for a smooth transition. The system works well and personnel on the airplanemanager.com side continually strive to improve all aspects of their product. We are a very satisfied customer!"


Metropolitan Aviation

"I have been very pleased with the functionality and professional support that we’ve experienced since we started using Airplane Manager. I am more impressed with the level of service, flexibility and "can do" attitude that I’ve seen of late as I have become more familiar with the program.

I remember calling my boss, Alan Cook to tell him I had received a call back from your support team on the 4th of July, when I had not even left a message due to the fact I realized the "problem" was on my blackberry, not at problem with AM.

Our company, Metropolitan Aviation had been demoing FlightPak when one of our schedulers suggested that we look at AM. It turns out it has been the best decision regarding scheduling, charter quoting and pilot record keeping that we could have made.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Airplane Manager and their team and feel the new version of AM will have FlightPak and FOS wondering where they missed ’the plane.’"

Michael Kennedy
Director of Flight Operations

Krystal Aviation

"Airplane Manager has been and continues to be the most comprehensive and user friendly aircraft charter management software available. The company continues to provide excellent value for the dollar and regularly introduces upgrades that are useful and well thought out. Whether you are a single pilot and airplane operation or have multiple plane operations, you would be hard pressed to find anything better at twice the price. It is becoming an excellent resource for aircraft brokers. The staff is responsive to queries and always strives to excell at customer service. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Keep up the fantastic work."

Larry Turner

Continental Resources, Inc. (CLR)

" I have been using airplane manager for a couple of months now to help our pilots with scheduling. It has been a great help and I really appreciate when you take the time to update suggestions into the system. Keep up the good work.

Thank you."

Sheila Holmes
Executive Assistant to COO

Mach One Air Charters

" Being a five jet operation based in Southern California , Mach One Air Charters could not be more satisfied with using AirplaneManger.com. After the latest updates to the software I truly consider this BEST quoting, scheduling and management system at lowest price in the industry. We would recommend this system to any company large or small, if anyone wants to know what we think or see what our quotes look like give us a call 714-921-4538. We even had them build our website! http://www.moaci.com "

Dan Hill
President/Director of Ops
Based in Southern California (CNO)

Teradata Corporation

"At Teradata we have been using AirplaneManager.com for over a year. We are an FAR 91 flight department and we utilize the scheduling calendar and trip sheet functions. As a small flight department we did not want to spend the thousands of dollars required by other vendors. AirplaneManager.com is very reasonable.Our scheduling is handled partially by someone not in the aviation field so ease of use is essential. We find that AirplaneManager.com fills our needs quite well at a great price."

Darryl Thomas
Teradata Corporation

Classic Aviation

"I would like to thank Terry Cooper of Charter Matrix for his endearing evolution in his airplanemanager quoting system. We have been using it for our quoting system since its conception and we are very happy with it. Thanks for striving to make it better and better and listening to all our suggestions."

Alicia Bradbeer
Classic Aviation

Coffman Companies

"To all considering AirplaneManager as your scheduling software:

I have used several scheduling software programs for all aspects of the "aviation world". AirplaneManager is certainly one of the easy ones to learn and incorporate in the ever changing world of this industry. I deal in the Part 91 world with contract pilots and AirplaneManager meets all of my needs in a scheduling software. I put the trips on the calendar, the crews all have their own login and can check the calendar online. Bcause most of our pilots are contract they can simply let me know if they are available for an upcoming trip by logging into there account on the AirplaneManager system. Once the trip is scheduled, the crews simply print off their own trip sheet and are good to go!

I have never run across a company that is more accommodating than the AirplaneManager crew.

The other GREAT factor is that the program is web based. No matter where I am when the owner calls to change a trip (which we all know happens more often than not), I can log onto the website make the changes immediately and let the crew know within minutes. What a stress reliever!"

Mary Randolph
Coffman Companies
Phoenix, Arizona

Star Jet Inc.

"We have been using AirplaneManager and Chartermatrix for over a year and we are very happy with our experience. The electronic schedule board along with all the additional functions have far surpassed our expectations in ease of operation, efficiency, and functionality. It has been the hands-down best alternative for our needs when comparing to the available alternatives, such as Flightpak, BART, and FOS. Our flight crews and dispatch love the fact that they can check the schedule and update their information anywhere in the world as long as they have Internet access, and anyone can learn to use the system in less than 20 minutes.

The available functions are constantly updated, new functions are introduced, customer service is outstanding, and for me there is no doubt that AirplaneManager is by far the most cost-efficient and user-friendly "one-stop shopping" service available."

Peku Karu
Director of Operations
Starjet, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA Jetset Airlines

Jetset Airlines

"After looking at all the available options for quoting and scheduling software, we found AirplaneManager.com delivered everything we needed at a very reasonable price. Web based software was exactly what we were looking for. Everyone can get real time data from any location. Definitely high speed and low drag."

Ken Steinhart
Jetset Airlines
Long Beach, Ca

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