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Odyssey Aviation - YIP Detroit

Phone:   734-547-7359
FAX:   734.483.0205

Jet-A (/ gal)

0 to 249$3.85*
250 to 499$3.85*
500 to 999$3.85*
* Discount applied to original price of $4.25

100LL (/ gal)



M 24 Hours F 24 Hours
T 24 Hours S 24 Hours
W 24 Hours Su 24 Hours
Th 24 Hours
Contract fuel available with Phillips 66, World, AEG, Colt, UvAir. Ramp fee waived with any fuel purchase. Handling fee (HEAVY JET) is for charter aircraft. Includes stairs, power, air, baggage handling and belt loader.

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